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    BeWell MyGluco Connected Smart Glucometer

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    Smart Baby Monitor


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  • 2334939683_67d8f9d42f_o

    Withings and weight loss

    Most people know when they need to lose some weight, and hopefully when they should stop losing weight. For the majority of the population, their weight bothers them. The truth...

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  • libelium_smart_world_infographic_big-1
    May 18, 2016

    Can you talk IoT

    Although The Internet of Things have increased in popularity, a sample study showed that 87% of people do not know what The Internet of Things (IoT) is. With the massive...

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  • IOT

    IoT and AI

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is an integral component in collecting big data through multiple devices and sensors that speak to one another. In recent years IoT has become a benchmark...

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  • Walking…forweb

    How to take 10k steps

    Every study and every health centred organisations suggests that we take about 10 000 steps a day to be regarded an average active person. Walking has way too many benefits to...

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